Honda GX100 motor

The Honda GX100 motor was an absolute failure and waste of time – what a pity – well at least we tried.

Far away !

Compacting trenches for fibre optic lines 300 km from the nearest town, far away – very very far away. The big open expanses of South Africa.

Good rammers.

Here are good machines that we are using and hiring out. They have proved themselves over the past 7 years and we can testify to their reliability. We have our own technicians that service and repair these machines on a regulated schedule. These machines work very hard every day and have been doing so for the past 7 years. We stock Meiwa - Vipac – Weber rammers, all good.

Rammer overview

We have had great success with four-stroke rammers over the past 7 years. The Robin EH12-2D engine has been very good.

Photos of general Spares



Fuel quality

Because our fuel quality seems to be inconsistent in South Africa we have found time and again that the best carburetor for rammer applications is still the fuel float bowl type. diaphragm type carburetors don’t work because of the alcohol in our fuel, the diaphragms go hard and the rammer wont start.

Long Haul Free State

Currently we are doing a long haul thru the Free State to Johannesburg. This project is for 500 kms.


Compax Tool Hire cc started as a rammer specialist company in 2005. We operate country-wide and supply rammers to many long haul projects. We have built a solid reputation as a reliable supplier in the trenching industry both for electrical and fiber optics projects. We will supply to pipeline projects, water, fuel and gas.

For Hire Quotes and Information

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